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Brilliant Gem Buttons are a new take on a usually not exciting existing category, the simple button. Prior to the age of industrialization, buttons were a symbol of wealth and status. They were made with fine materials and had a visual impact. As the age of industrialization took hold, buttons were mass produced and made cheap and then cheaper. They lost their flair, they lost any importance and became purely an object of function, to hold clothing together. Brilliant Gem Buttons propose to maintain the modern functionality of buttons and reawaken the flair and personality of buttons from the past.

Our buttons are made from gemstones in various colors and shapes, so users can showcase their sense of individuality and stand out in a crowd. For the consumer who likes fine clothing, when embellished with gemstone buttons, they will feel even more special and unique. They provide a new opportunity for adornment, a new accessory for clothing.

Brilliant Gem Buttons are available to the many sectors of the fashion industry including jewelers, tailors, custom clothing manufacturers, clothing brands, accessories retailers, tuxedo shops and bridal salons. They can be used as corporate gifts and are available directly to end consumers on this website and through our retail partners. (Please contact us for wholesale inquiries).